sábado, 13 de junio de 2009

I recommend ... A Blackberry Wine


Last month I began to prepare a Blackberry Wine, today I just finished the filtration process in order to obtain the final product. Excellent results were obtained and so I want to share with you about this innovating idea!

The first step to follow was to obtain mature blackberry fruits, remember that an increasing in the cultivation time leads to high fruit sugar concentration; normally 100 g of fruit contains 4.9 g of free sugar. Fruits were washed kindly by using water at 20ºC avoiding high mechanical stress in order to preserve tannins and flavoured molecules and then a manual extraction of vegetal pedicel was carried out.

Fruits were compressed manually in the presence of water and 26 g of sugar per liter of must was added. Yeast and other additives were calculated according to the methodology proposed here in “Make wine steps 1, 2, 3”

Fermentation was carried out in a glass bottle for over 15 days, CO2 exhaust was collected in water by using a silicon pipe. Fermentation were purified by filtration by employing a fine fabric made of polyester, you could use any textile material with small porous length.

I enjoyed it today; Blackberry Wine really has a strong flavour, dark red colour and delicious bouquet. So that’s my recommendation this month !!