domingo, 18 de enero de 2009


This Blog was made for non-experts in wine production. We expect you made the best homemade wine, by using simple and effective techniques. The keyword here is: "Everybody can do it at home".

So, you'll find tip about the fruit selection, the processing, the fermentation, clarification and finally the storage.

Everybody talks about how to choose and drink a good wine, the preferred countries, the age and quality, the type of color ... etc. But few of this "Experts" really understand how to produce a good one, I mean; they do not know which is a fermentation process, how can I optimize the alcohol production, which are the best techniques to clarify the final wine, the property bottle and storage during the maturation and etcetera.

By centuries many people around the world have perfectioned the wine processes, however that information is not available at all or, in many cases, the equipment employed is hard to find and buy.

I know this Blog will help to introduce you in the homemade wine producing world.

I am Chemical Engineer and my first experience in homemade wine making was in 2004 when I was still a student. I had not idea about to produce wine, however I began to contact people in that field and began to experiment at home. Time ago I learned the most important lesson: "The best wine is made of patience, love and many tries”.

In principle I began with grapes but then I found the fruits as the principal raw material, in the context of wine you call them fruits fermentum, but it is common to name simply "wines". Fruits are really a success. In my origin country, Colombia, there are many exotic fruits, so I used them to obtain a wine. The results were …wonderful!

For example I made wine of: strawberries, bananas (Recommended), appeles, pineapples, tangerines, kiwi, orange, pear, Cape gooseberry, and multiple exotic fruits of south America as: Borojó (Some people says it is aphrodisiac), Corozo (member of coconut family) and many others.